Skriv til Studios


Build to Suit TV-Studios

You will find our studio complex on Amager in Copenhagen. Here, all the features are accessible to produce the best television programs on the market - and the technology is available in HD.

Our studio varies from 35 to 850 m² in floor space and the grid height of the major studios is 7 meters. The ventilation system ensures a comfortable indoor climate, whether there are 600 studio lights on or it is 15 minus degrees outside. Major studios are provided with 4x4 meter ports. This allows a truck to be driven into the studio to be unloaded. Acoustics are tuned to the highest degree and the location is optimal for easy transport of supplies by being close to the highway, subway and airport. Every detail and function is closely examined so you get the best environment to work in. All in all, our studios are designed to be studios.

Besides the studio space, we offer a wide range of auxiliary spaces such as production offices, makeup rooms, meeting rooms, locker rooms, facilities for live bands, living room, storage rooms, workshops and last, but not least, good public facilities separate from the crew.

We strive to tailor our high tech equipment to fit any specification of a production. Our in-house control room features the latest technology, and together with our experienced technicians, we are basically able to meet all the technical requirements that may be demanded.

You can use our studio facilities to:

  • Shoot all types of television productions (large and small) which may need an audience.
  • Rent a studio for commercials and drama productions.
  • Utilize a full HD studio control room for larger productions.
  • Arrange corporate events, presentations and seminars.

Feel free to contact us and we will provide a tour that demonstrates why Studios A/S is the right place for your next production.